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High on loving you.

So I’ve been juggling with the fact of wanting to actually come back and write on my blog. It’s been a long time.

Writing makes me happy. I read & journal everyday.

It’s something I’ve done for the longest time. Something just for me. And I find because it’s “mine” I get really weary of sharing that part of me. It’s almost become sacred.

But here I am.

Have you ever had signs repeatedly smack you across the face? & you still keep walking past them, hoping eventually they’ll fade away or get blurry? Nope, just me?

For those of you who don’t know me… I am a big believer in signs, more specifically energy.

& because of that, I’ve been putting out feelers into the universe hoping that they would come back with the kind of answer I’d like to hear. Well, they did. But more forceful than ever. I’ve had multiple people (recently) telling me my writing is beautiful, my writing saved them, my writing gave them inspiration, or hope. & these were thing I never thought I’d hear. But I did. & even though I think people are being overly nice, I try to accept the compliment and keep listening to that still small voice. Because my writing isn’t about me, it’s about you. It’s just something I’ve been called to do. To shine light and love into the world the best way I know how.

See, for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a voice for those who don’t have one. The bruised, the broken, the homeless. Not to speak over them, but for them. I know so many people that have simply let the light just die out inside because they think they’re all alone. They think they’re unlovable. They think because they’ve made a few mistakes and taken several detours, that make them unworthy of love. and if that’s you, you’re 100% wrong. 100%.

I can see how you would feel that. Maybe you’ve stolen from someone. Maybe you’ve cheated on someone. Maybe you’ve physically hurt someone, or said something you can’t take back.. But that’s the thing about life, everyday we wake up with air in our lungs–that’s a chance to become better. To evolve into the human we both know we can be, the best version. To find the right path, our calling. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve felt down and out about life. It really doesn’t matter about the mistakes you’ve made, as long as you’ve recognized what you did was wrong & asked whomever for forgiveness, including yourself. Because that’s the things, we’re all in this together. We ALL make mistakes and sin differently than the next.

There are most likely demons in my closet you don’t or wont ever know about. We don’t necessarily share that with others, because who likes to share the worst parts about ourselves? No one wants people to see them as weak, or tired, or scared. & something that I’ve been learning more these days is that I can’t do this alone. I can give all my prayers up to God but if I don’t reach out to others that are on Earth… I’ll be struggling for quite a while. But opening up your heart, no matter what… & allowing your vulnerability help the next, that’s where the healing comes into play. & allowing all of your flaws to become a part of who you are… & to shape you into who you’re meant to be. No matter if you feel unqualified, you aren’t.

I truly want people to know that they are loved, always. No matter what you think about yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re homeless, anxious, you have a physical ailment, an alcoholic, someone who may have been abused in the past… You. Are. Loved. & I am here to make sure you remember it.





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