What It’s Like Being Single And Complicated At 23

Love this. (this is how I feel at 26.)

Thought Catalog

I am as hopeless as a hopeless romantic gets. I’m a chaotic mess of anxiety and optimism. I overthink everything from what creamer to try to what I’m doing with my life at 23.

I can find beauty in being stuck in the rain and being stuck in traffic. Yet I can’t stand being stuck in a relationship that doesn’t make my heart explode, or being stuck between cheeses at Whole Foods.

I am overly sappy and the girl that smiles when she makes someone cry from a birthday card. I’m the girl that all the cheesiest romantic movies (that go straight to DVD) are based on.

Yet all these emotions that battle for room in my heart have made me stronger. Being sentimental and in tune with empathy has made me wiser than I otherwise could be.

I have my good days, my bad days, and then there are some filled…

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