Two weeks ago I embarked on a Journey to cleanse my body.

I know what you’re thinking, “not another juice cleanse.” “I’ve heard all the detoxes you can try, they don’t work.”

That’s what I would have say. Thats what I have said. Trust me.

I have heard it from so many people how trying to live the Paleo lifestyle is crazy.

I have dozens of questions being asked before I even had time to research what it was going to do to my body & how I’d get over craving straches.

Yes. you heard that right. No starches. No sugers(artificial). & no dairy. Those were the things I had to take away.

Some may hear taking those things away & nearly have a heart attack–they just won’t do it.

Others just mind–they think it’s simply.

I was on the latter half of those thoughts.

It’s been exactly 11 days since I took those items out of my diet.

It’s also been 11 days since I upped my protein/veggie/ & fruit intake about 85%.

I admit, I wasn’t really treating my body well.

I was mindlessely eating.

I did this often, as my schedule is incredibly hectic. It’s easy not to pay attention to what goes inside your body. You have other things that are more important to worry about.. right? Wrong.

I was having headaches that I thought were simply stressed related-daily. They were from stress.

I was having stomach aches from foods I ate–but I could never pin point what it was.

I was slow. Literally moving slower. I was heavier, both physically and emotionally.

So I decided to try Paleo.

I started researching books:


The Paleo Solution.

I started diving into online blogs.

Pinetrest started to become my friend, they have SO MANY RECIPES.

I then ventured out to Trader Joes, Whole Foods & Jewel for a few too many items.

I started cooking. I’m 26, I’ve only ever made food for the holidays. And by that I mean,

my mom as helped with the recipe or I’ve picked something simple up.

I thought I was in over my head, but truth is… I’m not. I never was.

Recipes are the easiest things to follow.

I have made some delicious items, some bombed.

But the point is, I care. I’m trying.

The inititive I’ve taken has started a Journey I never thought I’d be on..

a healthy one.

Need I remind you, I’m not obsese… I’m not even very overweight.

I don’t really eat unhealthy–but all that stuff adds up.

I had a two week hurdle to get ovee mybody detoxing of those food items.

It was difficult. I was craving pasta. I wanted something sweet.

I have a couple headaches. Felt a little lethargic.

But once you get past that, the rewards are incredible!

I have lost 8 pounds in two weeks–sure a couple pounds of that is water weight,

but I’m on my way to a healthier, newer me.

I’m thinking of blogging recipes, my journey from here out.

Not sure if anyone would be interested..

but I am.

I’m thinking it will help hold me accountable &

allow others to discover the lifestyle, not diet

for themselves.


Day 1 to Day 7(or 9) in Progress.