Section 8.

Section 8.
You think ghetto.
The projects.
Ignorant humans.
Trouble makers.
I used to stay away from the buildings.
Drive right past thinking I was better then those people. I had more class. My life was way better & I was going places. & I could never affiliate myself with anyone from there.
But my life took a turn.
& my sister took me in.
She lives there.
In the place I never thought I’d walk into, let alone feel safe.
But things quickly changed.
I still tiptoed around for a while.
I looked behind me as I walked into the building from my car.
I’d stay away from my neighbors. & judged them when they hung out with my sister on her balcony.
But I didnt know them.
I just heard them speak.
& that, that was enough.
Vulgar, dirty, drunks.
No ambitions. No dreams. Just whining about their ‘baby-mama’s’ & stories of running from the law or being trapped by fines, etc.
No one I should be around.
They always thought I was too good for them. Too pretty. Too out of their world. I didn’t like that.
So one day, I took the time to sit with them & just listened.
They opened up a little bit & felt more comfortable.
I still felt a little out of place, still do.
I learned so much from these guys. Not in what they had to say, but what they didnt say.
They like anyone else longed to be loved, cherished, understood. But others quickly judged & misunderstood them.
Sure, they made mistakes & bad choices that led them here. Some are tying to move forward & others need a little motivation for it.
We all crave to be understood. We do. If you say you dont… you’re either a rarity or a liar.
It pushed me into leaning on God no matter what. I started to believe I needed to be here to grow. He placed me here because I prayed to him time & time again asking him to allow my heart to break for what broke his. To send me people to love. & this was it. That no matter where he sends me from now on, will involve broken & hopeless people. Because its a desire of my heart. To love & bring light.
In doing so he challenged me to stop mindlessely judging my brothers & sisters. He gave me a desire to love, unconditionally.
& its been challenging. But I finally see my plan is Gods. I have to start listening to him…. & my life will begin to make sense.
I dont want to live here & will soon be led somewhere else. But thats on God. I’m on his time. On his plan.