Jesus> Religion

Are you a firm believer in everything happens for a reason,  what about chance, or preparation?

Most of what we believe & strive for will align with our present. This I’m learning full well.

I first saw Jefferson Bethke’s Jesus> Religion video the week it came out. It went viral. You really couldn’t sway away from it, even if you wanted to. It reached you, even if you weren’t a part of the church. It hit wallstreet, third world countries, even jails. How cool!

Now, maybe there is an off chance you havent seen it. That is a possibility. But if that’s you, I recommend you find it. You wont miss it. Its the one on YouTube that has over 27 million views of aching Children,  hoping to find grace & redemption. You may be one of them. He sent a wave sparking a revolution for the people of the church. Not in the ‘I’m better then you sense’, not even the ‘you have to follow God or else’ message.

It’s pure, raw, everything I needed when it came out. It shook my world & broke my heart. Yes,  I’ve heard the message of the gospel over & over. But the way Jeff speaks about it, so truthfully & eloquently…. it just struck a chord. Not just with me, but millions.

I had the chance to listen to Jeff speak this weekend in Chicago, I sat right behind him in the audience before he went on. When he finally did, he was wonderful. He is quirky in front of an audience in a way that you will most likely relate. He is so honest & is the farthest thing from a self-seeking legacy. He’s just a 20 something, helping us make sense of our journey called life & guiding us home to our father.

He speaks rather fast, how you would if you were about to drop at the top of a roller coaster & wanted to get your words out before you had to breathe. It takes a minute to re-adjust, but hold on tight…because when the energy calms down from the intensity he brings, you’ll want to go for another spin.

He is so honest, about his faults, his imperfections,  his sins. But he also so beautifully states his deepest desires & dreams, in front of hundreds of complete strangers. How he prays tirelessly to our God to humble his heart & hands full of grace to be that father to his soon to be daughter(with his wife Alyssa).

If you’re hearing this, you may thing he’s just a normal guy with a normal mans wants. You’re right he is. However, he strings to a different chord. Jeff is a sinner, as are you, as am I. He stuggled with sin just as we do. If you know nothing of his past, I recommend you do some research. He is a broken man, was a broken man. Until he gave his whole being over to the Lord. He falls into our father, consistently. He strives for a life with much less sin. Sure, he stuggles. But we all do!

I’m thankful for Jeff. For his life. For his passion to make our Lord known. To set the world on fire with truth. He didnt chose this life, he just listened to his orders from the one above & gracefully accepted.

Listening to him speak is what I needed. His words aligned exactly with what our father’s been telling me. I’m not sure if this makes sense to you.
But I guess what im getting at, is if you’re broken, worn, helpless,  hopless….. its not to late to have a life of love, pupose, or clarity. If you dont know our father & you’re bitter with him because of the life you have, stop. Set your anger on hold. Quit listening to the voices of the world that tell you you’ll never be enough, that you’ll never succeed in your dreams, that you dont deserve to be here. Because you DO!  You deserve it all. But you need to start listening to Gods voice, the voice of truth. The only voice that ultimately matters.

I felt lead to share how Jeff impacted my walk, how he helped shape my life. He reminded me of a lot I needed to hear. & helped me listen to my heart.

I hope some of this resonates with you.
If it doesnt, go watch Jeff’s video on YouTube— Jesus> Religion,  It’s 4 minutes long. You have more then enough time to set aside right now for that. Or check out his book, same title…. It’s phenomenal. & I bet, just bet…. his testimony will realign you with yours.


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