Don’t give it all away.

Please yourself. Learn to forgive yourself. Continue to build your self confidence and your self-love by looking at how far you’ve come & what you’ve overcome. You’re evolving; you’re becoming a more intuitive person, production person. 

Whatever you believe, you don’t have to justify those to anyone else. Anyone else. Some people become so opinionated on their beliefs that they are honestly willing to die for them. Do you have any that are that strong? I’m on a quest for total & absolute truth. I believe when you’re interested in the meaning & fulfillment that life can bring, you’re on the right path. But it’s not your job to try and change anyone’s thoughts, or pull them onto your path. Absolutely not. We can be extremely useful to others by encouraging them to go inside themselves & tap into their soul.

I have learned to stop trying to prove myself to anyone. It’s a hard thing to do, because we all want some kind of validation of sorts. Our worth shines through to others, regardless. I have had many times I tried to prove myself to someone & felt completely ridiculous when it was all over. You’re fighting a battle that doesn’t need to be one by anyone else, but yourself.

I believe maintaining a sense of privacy in your own world is crucial. It’s a place where you don’t have to conform to anyone else’s expectations. We spend most of our lives trying to unlearn what we’ve learned, how weird is that? We can’t pretend to think & feel like another does. 




Failed Expectations.

We’ve all experienced someone talking behind our backs, yes?

Well I’ve noticed in the past couple of weeks that maybe we’re the ones that ask for it.

I’m not saying we want someone to criticize us, or talk negatively about who we are..

But what if we change our we perceive or interpret what is or is not being said?

I’m human, you’re human.

So we make mistakes, we say some things we didn’t really mean.

But how about we think about what we say, before me say it?

Words are the premise of our life.

We speak life into our dreams, ambitions, nightmares, self-talk.

It’s constant. 

If we don’t try to change our we think to ourselves, we can never think better about another.

All I’m saying is, someone may be talking behind our backs.

But what if it is our fault?

Try talking to them head on. 

Most likely they didn’t.

Most likely it’s a game of he said, she said,

But stay gentle, stay humble.

& remember, people will talk.

They will hurt you.

But how you react,

that’s how you soar onto the next 

adventure in life.