The world on a bike.

Recently I was involved in a car accident.

It was scary, frightening in fact.

I was driving & living life….then suddenly I blink.

I awoke seconds later, with no idea what happened.

My car is an absolute mess.

There were funny smells.

Things leaking from my engine.



No fun.

I have to admit, having a car is a luxury. 

Many of us take cars for granted, thinking they’ll always be there for us… I know I did.

I thought it would always be there for me, I could always depend on it. In a matter of minutes I was able to get where I wanted, when I wanted. That was all taken from me.

I have now been car-less for a few weeks. I had a pessimistic view on it to begin with. But I realized–I’ve got a bike. 🙂

Suddenly, I was aware to all those in the world without a car—that’s ALOT. Those in the past that had to take long trips for basically anything…

Most third world countries take hours to walk & find food.

Some have to walk thirty minutes to find water.

others simply stay within a five mile radius of home, because they have no other options.

& here I am complaining I can’t drive five minutes to the nearest Starbucks because I want my daily caffeine fix.

I know some of you believe that everything happens for a reason, some don’t.

But loves, 

it does!

Every little thing that has happened in my life has opened my eyes to something else. Moments of impact make you more grateful, change your perspective, mix things up.

As much as it’s an inconvenience to my normal life, I love it. I’ve been seeing the world through a different view.

One on a bike. One much slower, but way more wonderful.

I’m actually appreciating the things around me. But while in a car–many things distract me. It’s made me more peaceful.

What I’m getting at is, when something bad or inconvenient happens in your life. When a moment happens that you find yourself acting like a spoiled kid. Slow down. Breathe in, breathe out…. & just remember SO much more in this life matters then material items. 

Allow God to form your thoughts, your actions, & especially your heart. Allow him into your life. Because when you realize everything around you is his & not yours, letting go of all the pressures of the world to compete & compare fall. Appreciate his beauty. Appreciate him.



Gifts that keep giving.

4362ba45afef97a4a63104ee42bf643aWe all want to make an impact.
Make a name for ourselves.
Leave a legacy.
But how do you find yourself getting there?

Is it measured by how big your bank account is?

Or how many homes you have?

What about the latest michael kors purse or wallet?

I strive to leave a legacy of love & here is the coolest example of vulnerability, guys!!

In a day where media & internet have taken over we have gained & lost many things. The one I’ve become most fond of is ALL the lives you can help without even knowing someone.

You don’t know what they look like, how they dress, what car they drive, but you have an ability to see & hear their heart….their aches & pains.

I posted on a forum/blog directed at those with anxiety– months ago saying if anyone needed prayer, someone to talk to or advice about anxiety, which have ‘taken’ ten years of my me–the email I’m left attached.

Early this morning I got a lengthy message from a gentleman states away. I don’t know his favorite color, nor does he know my favorite hobbie. Were not friends, no… we’ve never met.

I was & am in awe, honored, overwhelmed & blissfully happy one person felt it was okay to be vulnerable to a complete stranger. This man poured out his heart to me, his aches, pains, thoughts he battled, struggles to feel normal in his everyday life when no one understands.

Bless this guys heart. Its not easy to open up to anyone, especially about such a delicate struggle as anxiety, this I know first hand. But he let me him… he had no fears…because my heart was open first. He let his strongest guard down. He felt vulnerable & admitted he needed help.

I shot him back a lengthy heart felt letter with many ways he can beat this & become stronger, become the man he always wanted to be. Ways to heal & hopefully live joyfully.  Letting him know he’s not alone.

Isn’t that what we all need sometimes? A simple blanket or reminder of love that its okay? That were all in this together. That we all struggle & its okay to ask for help?

Its okay to be vulnerable.
Its okay to feel weak.
Its more then okay to feel like you need help.

Its not okay to feel ashamed to ask for help.
Its not okay to think your ‘problem’ is your fault.
Its not okay to think there is no way out.
Its not okay to think you’re alone.

You’re not!

There is a beautiful world out there,  you just have to set your eyes on it, breathe it in & hold tight. So many people are willing to understand & if not, I am.

I’m here for you…
When no one else wants to be.
Because you deserve to be heard.

I’ll try my best to be your shoulder to cry on.

I’ll try to be the best listener to hear all your sorrows & joys.

I’ll do my absolute best to let you see why you’re special.

I’ll do my absolute best at letting you know you have such worth in this world.

I’ll do my absolute best at not judging you(as that’s Gods job) 🙂

I’ll also give ypu friendly advice, if you’d like it.

No I’m not certified. I didn’t major in psychology, nor did I minor in human communications….

But I did major in seeking a relationship in God, minoring in becoming worthy in his eyes. I have ears to hear & a heart to love. So there’s that.

I don’t know if anyone will take this to heart,  I hope you do.

Im praying for all you lost souls right now. Feel loved, because you are. Way more then you know. Even if you’ve never heard ‘YOU are loved…’ from anyone. It’s true.

Guys… if you’d like to email me… please don’t hesitate.

My little wonders of the world

Advice for my future daughter.

Let your joy in life be unrestrained. Take a vacation this year, take two! Too busy? Well duh, you’re always going to be busy if you allow yourself to be. Won’t you be just as busy next year? Yep! So if not now, when? Here, now, are the best of times–regardless your situation. Don’t put off fun. Don’t put yourself last. What pleasure we have now affects what comes later on in life. You’ll never get caught up with anything in life. Start living joyfully now. It’s later then you think, but not too late. Don’t save the best for last–never, ever. This moment is yours, it’s available to you now. Today is the day. Celebrate it. Make it thrilling. Don’t count on tomorrow. Look your best. Feel your best. Do your best to enjoy now. Who & what are holding you back?

Life is short.

Lets go.


Day this happens….is the day I plan to have a baby. haha


To you, I vow…

“Above everything else guard your heart, because from it flow the springs of life.”–Proverbs 4:23

Love came to show us the way, it’s a chance we should take.

Don’t let your fire burn out struggling to find your “soul-mate.”

Why do you go with the flow? & WHY are you taking the easy way out?

It’s not something we should play safe.

Let me explain, we were meant to rise up & stand out!
Love is not something you should play around with. It’s something you need to step out & be BOLD with. Girls you don’t have to struggle with being a Stepford Wife for some guy you will most likely cheat on you in a few years. Guys, you should never be an option for a girl as she’s talking to several other guys…
You are all so precious & you should be treated as such.
Honor your bodies, if you don’t no one will.
Did you know there is someone who is waiting for you to recognize them?
Who has their arms open to wide, ready for you to run into them?
That someone has never left your side… for any reason.
Even in your darkest days where you feel everyone in the world has or is ready to reject you.
Was there to hold you when you cried.
How about the nights your thoughts got the best of you? Yep… the love of your life was WAITING to take all of those thoughts from you & save you.
Ah, you have such grace in your heart. I pray you find it.
You may feel small, but the love you have within reach–can give you the wings you need. There is nothing you cannot do with this love.
Someone that is honest, faithful, constant, has self-control, respectful, honoring, powerful & WON’T forsake your life or your love.
I know, sounds too good to be true… right?

The Love I’ve been given is unconditional. You can have it to. That love comes from the Lord.

He knows your fears, he’s sure of your insecurities, he knows every thought that passes through your mind before you even have a chance to speak them. He has seen your ugliest moments, the ones that are extremely selfish. He knows when you’ve been jealous or self-righteous. He knows the thoughts you wish you could erase. BUT.
He knows your heart, he has given birth to your dreams, he’s heard your ambitions & read over your list of goals. He knows the deepest passions of your heart…. & he will give them to you.

He is there, always. He will never leave you or forsake you. His love endures forever. He wants you to feel like you’ve been made for more, because you have been. You are the most precious gift he has given this world. All he wants? Is a relationship with you. Seek him in all you do.
Deuteronomy 4:29
But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul.

Best choice I’ve ever made.
My life has never been better.

Now I’m not saying you can’t have a relationship with a human, but I would go through the Lord first. When you fall in love with him, he will keep your heart & body safe. If you honor him in all you do–he will give you the desires of your heart. If won’t be like a fairy tale, it will be better. Because your dream is being crafted through the maker of the universe. Guys, thats such a blesssing!! I hope this is enouraging for you. If I just rambled, I’m sorry. It’s just something that’s been on my heart tonight as I pursue the Lord even more on my walk with him.

His love is overwhelming. I feel it running through my veins. It’s the best kind of Love I’ve ever had. Because it is unfailing. Unconditional. He never judges. He will always be there for you.






Have you ever had the thought that if someone gave you an “in”, if someone fully accepted you as YOU, if someone just pushed you in the right direction–your life would fall into place & feel as beautiful as a sunset in the sky feels as it warms your soul? Well your wrong. But please, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not here to be a pessimist on your life. I’m here to tell you, the way you’re viewing yourself? May be incorrect.

It’s true–life can seem easier if someone just pulls you through that door you’ve tried so vivaciously to get through. Remember that mountain you’ve been trying to climb for the past few years? It’s still yours for the taking. The stamina you have–that’s yours. The obstacles you are overcoming & will overcome….will feel SO much better if you push through them.

I have had a few speed bumps in my journey that have felt like 9.5 magnitude earthquake, that just came in & lacerated through my soul, ripping every molecule of my being into fragments of nothing. I’ve never been through exactly what you’re going through, but trust me when I say that I know that pain. I understand. I can relate to you in the sense of all my dreams coming crashing down & vanishing into the ground like quicksand. I’ve been at the point of hopelessness beyond repair. 

I moved across country to found myself & boy did I ever. I left all my family, friends & everything I knew to be comfortable–behind. It was the most frightening, yet wonderful feeling I’ll ever have. The world was at my feet, I had everything going for me. Independence. Job promotions. Budding romances.  My castle in the sky. Love. Everything was possible. 

Adventures in new places have always been my thing since I could remember. Since a young age I’ve never had a problem talking to strangers. I was the one my mom was proud of, yet nervous because nothing kept me from talking to people I didn’t know. I have a vivid memory of my sister who is two years older then me, being scared of going up to a counter to order something when we went out to lunch one day. We were about 8 & 10. But I grabbed my moms money-walked up to that counter proud, with gumption, self-confidence & helping my sister when I knew she couldn’t do it.

This comes full circle now. I recently turned 25 & how I’ve noticed things that have ALWAYS been there, but I never started noticing till this trip. Things started coming to me, life lessons I’ve always know. For some reason I’ve buried them. I have always been capable of literally everything I put my mind to, so are you. We give ourselves reasons to fail. We think the worst & I think it’s because we don’t want to succeed. What I mean is, I’ve found myself to be terrified of success. I struggle with my dreams, don’t we all? Persistence is something you should never give up. I fear that once I am as successful as I dream, it won’t be everything I hoped for. What I feel now & what I feel then–I fear it won’t be any different.

Don’t bury who you are. I’m not saying don’t look for signs, because they have helped me steer towards decisions I never would have made otherwise. But follow your heart- as cliche as it sounds. When you’re in tune with who you are, things fall into place. It’s not easy, I can’t promise you that. But I can promise you–that if you don’t give up, things will start becoming beautiful for you. Life might not end up where you dreamed, but it may end up somewhere better. Trust your instincts. Believe in God’s path for your life. Cling to his words. He never leaves you. When you feel as though everyone else has…