Anthem Lights.


These guys. Wow.

These guys are nothing but truth tellers.

They may sing secular renditions of the Top 100 hits songs sometimes–but they pick ones that triumph worldy desires.

Music is a guide for most of us.

It moves us & seeps into our souls as a bit of nourishment.

These guys give us just that.

They have a delightful way of showing us Gods love through their music & their walk.

Most of our generation is lost. 

But when you have role models like this, who show you you’re not alone–were in this journey together? You become a part of something. You have belief that God’s light still shines through in the darkest of days.

I believe musicians have a huge effect on society & to see these four gentlemen use it in such a way is inspiring. The position & leverage they have can send them into a disastrous cycle–but it doesn’t. 

They continue to stay strong & bold in their walk with God– I can’t get over it. It’s admirable. & I can relate.

& to be a part of their Journey on Kickstarter & see God deliver, gave me goosebumps. He always does. He is wonderful. I’m so thankful that he chose these 4 to tell his Story. I pray that you stay on the right path & bless all those that need his love. I hope all 4 of you know how much of a blessing you already are. & when you have dark days, or thoughts of “is what were doing, does any of this really matter?” YES. You have proof of God’s mercy & Grace. You always have thousands of “Lightbulbs” looking up to you daily as a reminder. You’ve touched their lives in ways you might never hear of, but know….. You matter. What you’re doing counts–every second. & even though I don’t know you personally, or have ever met you…. I want you to know I’m very proud of you. The people you choose to be? Never think twice of who you are in God. You’re wonderful & I appreciate your lives.

I can’t wait for you album to be released. Thank you!


Michelle from Chicago. 🙂



I know you’re tired of it, I am too.

Single? In a relationship? Married? Divorced? Widowed?

Single with the world. That’s me. By choice, yes you heard it. 

Please don’t misunderstand me. This isn’t to make you feel bad about my relationship status–nor is it a plea for some prince charming to come “rescue” me. Society, don’t feel bad for me–please.. It’s the last thing I want.

I’m not quite sure why my relationship or current lack of one.. has to define me, so. It used to play a big role in Women’s lives. Their dream would consist of becoming a Wife & stay at home Mother. Well that’s not me….far from it actually & I have many dreams outside of that. I love all 8 of my nieces & nephews dearly, but in this season of my life children & a husband aren’t in the picture. Selfish? Absolutely not. Since when should it be decided that if I’m single I’m miserable? Unhappy? or dreamless? 

Marriage is temporary & is only a thing of this Earth.

Sure it’s absolutely wonderful for some. But as Marriage is a thing of this Earth…. we must view it as such. Marriage is not something we can take with us when we die. Like any other Earthly possession, marriage is not required for our happiness or fulfillment. Marriage should not be ones ultimate goal in life or it becomes an idol.

We shouldn’t fill our lives with busyness that has no eternal reward.

I personally know that when I’m in a relationship(my past two)–I lose sight of who I really am. That could be because the person I’m “seeking” isn’t the right one for my walk of life, but I just forget all of my goals & completely fixate on them. I start thinking of all the Worldy things I can benefit from. I start to relish in the pleasures that are not worthy of God’s Love. I lose my way & that’s not a good thing.

When I was younger–in high school & even a few years ago, I was desperate to be in a relationship & loved. I changed my wardrobe, starting skipping meals to lose weight, dyed my hair the most “hip” color, became more sassy—NOT ME. But I noticed the world started to react in ways I wanted. Boy was I wrong.. The world did want me. The boys stated flocking–notice as I say boys. I got attention—for my body. I wasn’t taken seriously. I was used. But I let it happen. I wanted to be loved. But I felt weak. I felt torn. I felt tired… I knew I wasn’t on the right path. So I stop seeking a relationship with the World & turned back to God.

I(We should) love being single with the World.

It may get lonely sometimes & statistics show you won’t live as long–but you know what? God defines my life, not this world. I am so grateful to be where I am in life. I know that my walk with the Lord strengthens everyday, he is my relationship. I am far from where I need to be in my walk with my Faith, but I feel stronger in it everyday. If I seek the Lord consistently & walk in his ways, glorifying him in every step–I know my life will always be more rewarding then I could ever imagine.

Maybe God is not for you, but listen guys–HE IS FOR YOU.

So you may be hesitant- I know I was. I’ve always been afraid of giving my heart away. Allowing myself to feel vulnerable. Afraid of heartache & disappointment. Not being enough, how about cheated on? Trusting your heart with someone else? Seems like a LOT to give to someone in the world who is concerned of worldy things. Don’t get me wrong–some out there are worth it. But if you give it all to God first—he will reward you with FAR more. He has your heart. He will guard it.

Provervs 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.– I never took this verse as serious as I should–but it is flawless.

You are perfect(to God). You are beautiful(to God). You are intelligent(to God). You are worth it(To God).

& let me tell you something….in this moment, every moment that’s all that matters. You can have his love. Hold onto it & never let it go. 



Road Rage. Word Vomit.

Today is not my day.

Well this morning wasn’t anyways.

Everywhere I drove I was either cut off or wedged in so I couldn’t pass someone, who was going 10 under the speed limit. Literally, EVERYWHERE I went. So instead of honking my horn or getting frustrated more then I already was… I just asked… “Why?”

Do people intentionally irritate others to feel good? What does cutting off someone on the road do for/to you? Are the roads normally like this?

I think sometimes I over-exaggerate, which we all know makes things (seem) worse. I just can’t help but think the world is out to get me today, or slow me down from the 135 things on my checklist this week. 

I often wonder, is everyone moving too fast? Should we slow down to appreciate the worlds beauty & goodness more often? Do we REALLY see what’s going on around us?

Did the person that just cut me off do it to get ahead or me, or were they rushing to the hospital to get to an ailing family member in the ER? Is that guy who is pacing with me, going the speed limit because he’s on probation for too many tickets or REALLY out to just make my day worse?

It’s not about you. Its about the world. –the exact phrase that kept repeating in my mind.

I’m struggling with the selfish bit right now. I am. The past couple of days I’ve been acting like a child & quite frankly, it’s made me dislike his version of myself. I keep thinking everyone should simply bow down to my every need & if they can’t–to get out of my way. Whoa. What kind of way of life is that? Why do I think I deserve this?

Did I mention I’m also incredibly stubborn? I’m sure you’ve had your moments as well. But when I get into am phase or mood where I have to be right, or it’s my way or the highway–I shut down. I have this way of getting incredibly close to someone & becoming extremely vulnerable… and the second they do something I don’t like, or something that hurts me… that’s it. Bye.

I’m not proud of who I am right now, but I’m changing everyday. I look at “fits” like this & reprioritize. Its moments that shake my character that cause me to grow. I hope that you’ve learned something from this. I don’t know what my point is, exactly. 

I hope you picked up on the few things I’m trying to give to you…

Slow down.

Pay more attention to world around you.

It’s okay to feel vulnerable & get hurt.

Stop being so stubborn.

Allow yourself room to grow, everyday.