Make a Move.

Today was a different kind of day.

I’m not sure in any of my blogs if I’ve explained the kind of person I am.

Well I’ve been through a lot–haven’t we all??? Really… different circumstances, different outcomes–same purpose.

I feel myself changing, as I am always. But I’m sure it’s because I’m more observant of my emotions. 

I’ve been involving myself in Yoga & meditation lately, looking to connect with my soul & inner being more. 

Now before I’d say forget that, yeahhh right–won’t work! Well I was wrong, this stuff is MAGIC!

I have slowed down & am no longer rushing around like the other 90% of society. I’m enjoying every experience more! 

Working, going on a long bike ride, reading a book, even sitting in the complete silence. It’s a beautiful journey I’m no & I can’t wait to see what the world has to offer (or what I become more aware of) when I’m further along. I just feel myself feeling more connected my body. It sounds weird, I know. But my mind & body normally try to make decisions that conflict. So my mind is still going & my body is just saying no way! Buuuut…. slowly they’ve been making decisions together & It’s amazing.

Mediation isn’t to be taken lightly. It is not for those faint of heart. It  is far from easy. I’m having a hard time turning down my mind, but it’s a great challenge. I ask you guys to take that on! What I’ve started with is just ten-15 mins at a time-shutting down EVERY electronic device. I tend to find a place I know won’t distract me. You can hide in a room somewhere, but I like to find a forest preserve or lake where there is no one & hideaway. Nature helps me feel more connected to life anyways. It’s supposed to, right!?

Slow down. Take it easy. Life won’t pass you by if you’re connected with yourself. Become one with the world & it speaks to you. It’s a wonderful feeling. It will help you read with you instincts & not to base it off “though”, which has gotten me into trouble in the past. But when you have the feeling in your guy?? GO WITH IT. It seriously is never wrong. We should start living more like Jim Carey in Yes Man! I probably wouldn’t say yes to all the things he did, as they’re not realistic if you can’t afford them….. but try to say yes to as many things as you normally say no to… you’ll be surprised. 




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