Excuse me, communication? Are you speaking a foreign language?

I dislike blaming society or any generation for that matter…

But communication has become insufferable, at least to me.

Everyone wants good communication. Everyone wants to understand.

But we’re impatient & selfish. Unwilling to explain. We assume people just “know” what we mean. 

We grow tired.

Yep, I’ve been there.

It happens in the workplace, in church, at home, throughout relationships… literally everywhere.

I believe our experiences, different atmospheres, who we surround ourselves with–all of that goes into account.

We all form different ways of communication which I find fascinating in a sense. 

It’s a struggle at time to understand people. We hear each other talking, but are we listening? 

I know there are times where I am the only one in my Universe–AH what a miserable way to live. & completely selfish.

We need to figure out a way to rid ourselves of “population me”. 

It’s demanding & sometimes not pretty, but its worth it.


As I sit here studying “self-worth”, the women next to me inspired this post. 

She speaks a language I’m unaware of, maybe Russian? Or Polish? Really I know those two are completely different–but I don’t know. haha

I listen to her interact with someone who is helping her & boy is it troubling! Her English is VERY broken, as the librarian guides her to the section she’s asking for–to learn English. Ah, how refreshing!

Well statistics show the English language is that of the hardest to learn as a second language. But to us? Its second nature, nothing to it! Imagine for a moment, immersing yourself into a whole new world where you just know the basics. Like how to eat, work & just daily activities. Doesn’t sound like a big deal right? Probably not.. but imagine for a second if you had to do all of that & not know how to communicate?

Can you picture how difficult that would be? You know you’re fully capable–but if only you knew what someone was saying to you. Your brain is trying to process it–but you hear something that goes in one ear & out the other…. YIKES. It seems utterly intimidating. But as she sits next to me, I see her dream. Just to talk like Americans. It’s something that seems so miniscule, yet its a huge mountain to climb for her.

I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again…..

We, us, humans–no matter what race, ethnicity, sex, religion, etc…

are all trying to make sense of this ….

& are in constant transitional phases.

We’re never gonna be complete (until Heaven).

But really….hope this helped…


If anyone’s out there listening…







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