My friends, all over the world.

What a blessing friends are, can be.

I have made many, as you probably have.

Let me clarify.

Their are all sorts of friends in this lifetime.

Those you can call at 4am when you’re sad, those you catch up with every few months over laugh & coffee, some who live thousands of miles away, some you’ve never met, some you only talk to at work–you get my point, MANY kinds!

I’m thankful for every single friend, that has come through my life. I can’t wait for all the ones who have yet to… & are right around the corner to meet. There are SO many people in this world & we will only meet a tiny fraction throughout our lives. But if you make it worth it & view every person you come into contact with as though their you’re best? Your life will become very blessed.

Social media & the internet can be a funny, useful thing. I have a friend who I met online & continue to talk to online–we play to meet one day, but until then–he has become a dear friend & lovely pen-pal. Now was this sheer coincidence? Absolutely not, it was by chance we met–to me. To God? It’s part of the plan, however it ends up. I find it beautiful–we I live in Chicago, he lives in Africa. WORLDS apart. Miles of things in between us–what connects us then? Were human. We have souls that want to connect & hearts that are understanding.

I’m thankful.

Every passing day I meet hundreds of new people, if not I see them. But I look towards them in hopes they see me smile back. The world is a hard place to live in, but when YOU make the effort to see the beauty & embrace it–life becomes SOO much better, trust me. Life is wonderful–as are friends.

Thankful for God & his blessings–even when I can’t make sense of things most of the time.



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