Pop Rocks.

Have you ever had intense chemistry with someone? The kind of connection with another person that really lights your fire, even though you know they’re not husband or wife material?

Sometimes this person might stick around for a long enough time that you might start questioning….is this my soul match??

My take is you’re confusing passion with love. All sparks fizzle. Compare it to a pop rock. First you put it in your mouth it’s wonderful & exciting….but soon becomes questionable.

Instead of sparks, pay attention to how easy it is to be with the person, how much anxiety do you feel? How much do you trust the person, whether or not you’re completely yourself with them…what do you have in common? & the most important, how do you work as a team!?

To commit to a partner for life, we want to be with someone who can keep our fire going but without burning us. 

I’ve recently noticed that passion can exist without love, absolutely. Often it’s easier to find that true love & with that said it’s so tempting to believe that it is love. We all hope for it. 

Passion without love can be a dangerous form of infatuation & becoming immersed in someone who you have a lot of passion for can be toxic. Don’t allow your life to hover in a constant spin cycle. It’s not about conforming to someone else’s lifestyle, thinking obsessively about another, etc. 

Passion is great, but its not enough to base a relationship on & cannot substitute for love. Passion does not include room for growth, or change, or even contradiction–but love does & that is why love is what lasts…




Paradise Lost Pt 1.


Happens to us all. 

No matter it be the most successful or poverty stricken in a third world country.

On first days of school, job interviews, wedding days.

But what about those it happens to everyday?

When it doesn’t pass in a few minutes or couple hours.

How about then?

I’ve met many who have allowed anxiety to paralyze. 

Who have given it control over their lives.

& no longer know a life without it.

It can be overpowering & crippling to say the least

If you let it.

I understand many think they have no choice, but you do.

You’re the one to control your life.

Your mistakes.

Your ambitions.

Your dreams.

This is YOUR life, don’t let the negativity drown your thoughts.

You are wonderful(enough).

You are beautiful(enough).

You are smart(enough).

Don’t let anyone dictate how you feel.

Everything you do in live is based on them,

even if you try for them not to be.

So take faith my brothers & sisters…

You will overcome,

I promise.