Jump rope for love..


It’s unhealthy…

Many believe that going from relationship to relationship will get you once step closer to finding the “right one.” It’s a great idea, but it’s applied in the wrong ways 9 out of 10 times. The road to life with success is built on failures, but success in relationships is a whole other playing field.

I find the more one jumps from relationship to another, the more of yourself you’re giving away. Every relationship we enter requires time & energy. You’re investing yourself physically, emotionally & mentally. I find if this is you, then you should try & slow down because you’ll burn yourself out emotionally & mentally, which soon leads to a physical level. Maybe you’re not getting heartbroken– which is something we all aim for, however you’re still consistently failing in an area of your life, which eventually becomes draining–it is the most important one… isn’t it?

Love has to find you…

Another thing that people often don’t know is love is not self seeking. You don’t chase & catch love, you should wait for it & then fall into it. If we knew where to find love, we wouldn’t be looking for it in all the wrong places. & lets be real, were all guilty of it. Jumping from one relationship to the next will never give us a chance to connect to the right one. You might miss your chance to connect with the right one, because you’re so quickly moving onto the next.

Don’t let this rob you…

I find most people going through multiple partners simply because they don’t know how to be alone. In this case, jumping from one relationship to the next will keep you from finding the real you. People who jump through relationships tend to have a void in them, which has to be dealt with and/or fixed before they attempt to find a partner. Most people I know don’t realize this, so they continue to date people to try and fill the void. They rely on others for their own happiness & dating becomes addictive & almost purposeless. 

So here’s what I think…

Jumping through relationships just isn’t the right way to go. It might seem like a great idea to begin with, but it’s wrong. Constant dating will only drain you, confuse you of what love is, keep you from knowing yourself, & being happy with who you are. So be ready, don’t be forceful. Be comfortable with where you are & if you’re not…work on yourself first.


A Perfect Relationship.

Isn’t it what we all strive for?

We kind of just expect it to happen once we’ve found someone we want to be with.

We find all these things we admire in them. We look past any faults or flaws.

Hoping for things to fall into place & be as though  you’re living in a romance novel.

So they’re pretty enough, but not smart enough. They’re caring, but not completely trustworthy.

We hope they can catch us when we fall, wrong. We shouldn’t have any expectations in relationships to an extent. In reality you may have someone who you can have as your rock, your go to… that’s how all relationships should be–if they weren’t why would any of us be in them??

Well I find more often then not, I’m loving myself more & more… & loving others less. Now don’t take this as me being cold. I love my family, I love my friends & I love people. But I’ve found that putting myself lately, has been much more rewarding. Call me cynical, but every time I’ve ever let someone in….I have given them a lot of myself. No, not physically…. but emotionally, from the soul. That’s the part I find more precious.

& of course every person you meet on your path in life is supposed to teach you something, but the last one I had taught me not to trust. When you give your 100% to someone & think you’re getting that back(yet you’re not), it’s a hard reality to face.

The relationship I thought was perfect, was the furthest thing from it. I gave & gave….. &  they took & took. I’m not one for the game & this is why I guard my heart so carefully. Words

mean so much to me, it’s why I enjoy writing so much–when I say something, I meant it…however, they’re been ruined for me lately. I have been told so many things that have had my heart fluttering for months, that have brought butterflies & endless possibilities into my world… or so I thought.

How do you care so deeply for someone, but lie consistently to their face? How do love them & cheat? How do you say so many things & never mean them? What is the point of being in a relationship if you don’t even love yourself…..

I know right from wrong….we all do. We all make mistakes, but there are boundaries that you shouldn’t push.

But a perfect relationship is never perfect, its simply where you never give up on each other. Which is why I am perfectly find being alone, it’s better & easier then falling in love. Especially when someone acts & says things like they’ll catch you, but then just let you drop.

So don’t ever give up on yourself.

Love yourself first.

Love yourself always.

Expect the best & don’t settle for anything less.

You deserve it.