Love Myself, Yes Yes I do. <3 More & More each day.


“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.”

Oscar Wilde

Boy is Wilde more right then ever.

I’ve started falling more & more in love with myself as the days pass. Now you might think I’m a little crazy for saying so, but it’s true.

I’m beginning to appreciate every flaw, which people in my past & present I haven’t been so kind with. I’m learning to be kind to myself & appreciate how I’m different then the rest.

I’m growing in appreciation of everything I’m capable of & what I know is true, regardless of what anyone may think or say. Too many times I’ve allowed what others have said shape me somewhat & that’s made me weak. I’m not saying I just go with the flow in that sense..but I let people think what the want & in doing so….it’s changed who I’ve become. So no more will I let someone assume something of me.

I am forgiving myself… I know I have made mistakes in the past that have made me feel unworthy or just pitiful… well we all make mistakes & bad choices. I am choosing to stop holding onto any emotional baggage that I’ve held so dear to my heart over all these years. I’m not justifying making mistakes as being okay, but I intend to grow in my actions as I mature & the years go by.

Why don’t we express gratitude towards ourselves, when we towards others in our daily lives? Don’t we deserve self affirmation? I believe we do. Instead of enhancing your flaws, mistakes & self banter about how you’re not good enough–yes you know what I’m saying.. not pretty enough, smart enough, lovely enough, skinny enough & the list goes on..

I am starting to walk through my days with conviction with the things I do wrong. I have to start thinking in such a way that my mind doesn’t violate my heart.

& learning to see more & more beauty each day…

& taking away one anxiety, one headache, one heartache a day at a time…

because the more beauty you see, the more you see in yourself. ❤

Keep at it.

Fall in love with yourself more everyday.

Talk to yourself in the mirror.

Give yourself the pep talk you need.

It works.

I promise.


Bad love. Good Love. We mistake them.

When we’re young & our intellect isn’t that high is when we form what we think is acceptable when it comes to love. By the time we are old enough to realize that not all families interact the same way theirs does, we have our values, attitudes & behaviors shaped already. Us are children so closely bond with out parents, were dependent on their love. Our relationships with that our what we expect, what we’re used to. What parents say & do, the we tolerate is what we end up considering normal, acceptable & desirable in someone who loves them.

Traditionally in our culture, children are taught to accept disrespectful treatment. Even good parents with the best intentions say things or act as though they’re rejecting their own children. So when children are reprimanded they are threatened by how their parents show them love.

We accept that when it comes to children they are powerless & they are incapable of reacting their feelings. We end up surviving as children simply with defense mechanisms. We learn to pout & be quiet, or whine until we’re heard, how about screaming at the top of our lungs?? Maybe we reacted by throwing something or we help it in for days or weeks. Maybe we learned to tune out our parents, maybe lie? We eventually find a strategy that works.

Families with dynamics that are dysfunctional not only teach, but reinforce bad lessons. Our  relationships with our families when we’re young are the biggest test for future relationships. Sometimes we are encourage to join in the fun & pick fun. Growing up we then see other people interacting in their relationships. We see how they act, react & put up with the people in their life. Through adolesence, we pick up unrealisitic expectations . So suddenly instead of trying to fix & grow with those love we already have, we find ourselves seeking approval…. acceptance…& love in the world of strangers.

It’s normal to gravitate towards people that will show us the love we had as children. Whose behaviors seem natural to us & makes us feel familiar and comfortable. Even though we seek for someone completely opposite of our alcoholic father or neglective mother, more often then then not.. we will gravitate towards someone just like them. I believe that not only do we accept the love we believe we deserve, but we feel as though we have to be with someone who is just as “dysfunctional” as we are….or we don’t feel comfortable.