Lose yourself.



Do you think your life can change in an instant? Because it can.

When you’re young, a week, a whole day, even an hour can change everything.

I find in that most people are so driven to find the perfect everything–which of course we all deserve. But how do you define perfect? There isn’t such a thing.. at all. 

There is near perfect in the eyes of someone. All different perspectives go into that, right? Like how you treat someone in a relationship. Are you respectful, caring, trustworthy? Everyone looks for the same basic qualities….which are nearly impossible to find. 

I love the season of challenges I’m going through right now. Although it’s highly stressful & uncomfortable, I’ve never felt more connected to who I am as a person. My thoughts are shifting, my feelings are little different, goals more ambitious.  All the while, I have people in my life I adore….& once connected with…but not anymore. I don’t know if it’s my fault for feeling disconnected….but I’ve tried and tried and tried…and I’m tired of it….So i’m taking a break…

We’ll see how this goes. But as I said, I’ve never been more lost, but it’s in these moments that I find clarity. So I’m thankful. What are you thankful for this week?


To be yourself, should be everything.



One of a Kind.

You’re all of these things, no matter what you think.

In your own way, your own sense of beauty. What captures your heart, will capture another’s in a completely different way. What makes your eyes light up, will darken another’s. What turns your stomach, will give another butterflies.

We all come across everyday challenges that will cause us to feel unworthy, far from unique, & one of a kind—in the worst ways. I notice everyday is full of promise and joy. If you focus on the positives, your life will be full. But you must not compare yourself to others. In doing so, you’re detaching from who you really are–simply to impress those who won’t care in the end. Living in expectation that people on this earth will bring you the ultimate happiness and joy is mere stupidity, my apologies if you’re easily offended.

Day by day….wake up & journal.

It doesn’t have to be a 3 page essay, maybe just a few sentences. Simply write what you’re thankful for, why you’re blessed, one person you look to encourage during your day, a way you plan on improving your strategy at work, re-prioritize, make new goals… anything that’s positive. I promise, if you try this and it doesn’t work, you can blame me. But if you do this–as a daily devotion, or meditation, reflection if you will… your days WILL progressively improve. I promise. 🙂

Cheers friends!

Population, me.

yes, population me.

Alone. By myself. Happy. Struggling. Peaceful. Uneasy.

My life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately. I no longer have a permanent address to call my home. All of my belongings are in my car & the rest are soon to be in a storage unit. My home has now gone mobile. I have two options. I can choose to look at my fate and become weak and depressed or I can see this as an experience. I’m going with the latter of the two. Everything happens for a reason & I chose to believe this will help me grow and learn… in what ways? I haven’t figured that out yet..

Am I writing about this because I want attention? Nope. I’m just figuring some of you can relate. Somewhere in your walk of life you’ve felt rejection, unloved, helpless, lost. Well let me tell you something, we’ve all been there. I know that if by tomorrow, somehow I had all the answers…what kind of life would that be? Were supposed to push boundaries, feel uncomfortable….but you’re not alone.

So many days I find myself walking around like I’m the only one that is alive in my world. Now, don’t get me wrong, my heart aches for the pain & agony some in this world are suffering.. but most days–it’s just me. This is how people have been living…and it’s so wrong. To walk about like you’re the only one that matters & you are the only one with the problems you have–you are wrong. Stop walking about with blinders on your eyes & a cover on your heart….. Take them off.

The reason I tell you this is early this morning I was walking to class and I was in a hurry, thinking about all the “tasks” I had to accomplish before work. This older gentleman said, “Good Morning.” & that’s all it took for my to snap out of my “population me” attitude. It literally halted me in my footsteps as I replied and acknowledged him. Two simple words that softened my morning attitude and realized that it’s not only about me, it’s about everyone.

So I guess if you’re going to take something out of this…let it be,

Give someone a friendly smile.

Genuinely ask someone how their day is going.

Be a listening ear.

Send someone advice.

& just care… not for your outcome in the matter,

but to hope someone else feels love

and soon shows that to another.