Patience is an aquired taste.. one not easy to come by.

If there is one thing I’ve been tested for in this season of my life, it has definitely been patience…

There are many things that I have been opening my eyes to lately & for some reason they have been tugging at my heart. I have had an ache in my heart that has just been weighing me down, with little understanding..

Yesterday at work, it was a normal day… Yet I was extremely impatient. I was in my own little bubble and completely oblivious that my little problem, would soon be worked through… & I should still treat others with respect.

I sensed myself hurrying people with my body language, although I am very insulted when that happens to me.. Cutting people off a little quickly without realizing it…

I then answered the phone to someone calling my work… Waiting for a response on the other end, I hear a man struggling to form words. I can tell he is trying to get his point across… But its hard for him.. I soon begin to realize this man has turrets. As I hear him, my heart begins to soften & my whole body begins to relax.

All day I should have been patient & understanding, but it was this man who made me realize my attitude had been wrong & I calmly wait until he is done with his words, just listening and letting him be heard.

Regardless of what he wanted, or what point he needed to get across from me… With open ears & a tender heart.. I realized once again why were here.. To LOVE.

To be patient. To be kind. To be caring. To be true. To just love…

When we begin to realize everyday is about taking care of each other & nurturing not only your needs, but your neighbors.. Then we start seeing the bigger picture. Look outside your own little world today, who have you shown love to? Who have you encouraged? Or simply given someone attention to feel like they belong in a world telling them they don’t?

Think of a way to bless someone today & go through with it… With fierce love. ❤


Worth the wait?

True love waits…. or so I’m told.

Wait…Wait…& Wait some more.

You should wait for the one who will hold your heart & not break it. You shouldn’t settle, keep going–you’ll find someone more worthy of your time. This I agree with, you should never give your heart to someone who won’t full take yours. Giving your love to someone–should be unconditional, as well as true. You shouldn’t have to force feelings or just give up on your hearts truest desires…because something in the world is telling you to…

Right now, my thoughts grow more pure as the days pass. I find things I am willing to grow into & some attributes I’d like to posses myself. Limits I will push myself to, but without losing my integrity. Everyday becomes more beautiful. I find myself learning so much about my heart, my feelings & embracing relationships. I give myself a challenge in the morning & just experiment throughout the day… this season I’m learning to trust. It takes the right person for me to believe in with my whole heart. It’s a process, but in my heart….I feel myself growing & I wanted to share it.

Oh right, back to true love waits…

Your whole life is very long time, but it starts right here. Don’t push away love when you feel it in your heart, don’t hide from someone when you know they’re right for you, even if you don’t know. Don’t have a list of 5 specific attributed you must need in your significant other when someone’s interested. Stop having unrealistic expectations. Its good to think about the future…..but if we all wait around for prince charming, we might be waiting a very long time. 

Stop waiting….

Love’s not a feeling, loves not convenient…but I know love will change your life.

Love can heal you, if you let it inside.

Dream Come True…


I was having a conversation with a friend this morning & we were talking about those that truly matter to us. Often times you have people in your life that others that have been around since you can remember, some that are simply passing through, some that have been around during a hardship in your life & others that you know are worth fighting for…

& I got to thinking…how many people can you meet in your life that if your dream came true, or one of your biggest accomplishments was about to happen….who could you honestly say this about…. “You’re the person I want next to me when all my dreams come true and you’re the person I want next to me if they don’t.”

Many people I know in my life right now are so quick to just give in to others, because they don’t find themselves worth the fight or the wait for that matter. I may be single, I might be a little different….but one day, one person is going to find all the traits I have, maybe not admirable….but worth fighting for. & until then, I won’t give my body or my heart to anyone. I maintain that & hold my heart very dear, because anyone I give it to….I trust in them holding it & taking care of it as I do. True love is rare & it’s out there, I believe it with all my heart. Like the saying goes, it’s not who will ride with you in the limo….but who will take the bus when it breaks down… & to find someone in life that views & treasures the same things as you is rare….so you should be vigilant in protectng it once you have it. Don’t let someone walk out of your life that you can’t go one day without thinking of…regardless…

So let me ask you….how many people in your life, your heart are worth it? Are you giving the right people your time & love? If not..think about it & reasses. Life is simply too short to waste your time on people who don’t see you in their future, nor even in your present. I might sound like a bit of a hopeless romantic or a bit goofy on my views in life….but it’s what I stand for & no one will change that in me. Don’t allow others to change who you are, ever. You are who you are for a reason….& ever little detail was given to you from God….So love yourself & when you do….life couldn’t get any better. ❤