Beauty is in the attempt. :)

I haven’t been alive for that long, but long enough to make a difference.

The other day at work I simply said hello to a customer– that in itself is common courtesy, or so I thought. It completely made this guys experience, because I was friendly and acknowledged him in a way not many people do in my business. I was blown away because it felt so normal for me. So often in our world today we get wrapped up in our life line, our goals, ambitions & lives that we just forget about the feelings of others. But let me tell you something, it’s not all about you…It’s not about you at all. If more of the people in the world came to figure out that it’s about all of us–working together… as a team.

It doesn’t take much to move someone’s mood from sad to happy, send a little word of encouragement, or just let them know you love them, or that you’ve been thinking of them. Words can move the soul & make wonders happen. & to genuinely act from your heart & bare your soul for the world to see…it’s a difficult task, but taking it one day at a time…is the easiest way to start. 

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately, I suggest any of you–if I have any readers out there….should try it yourself. It’s incredibly therapeutic & people in my world have already started to notice a change. 

I’m not saying you won’t have tough days ahead of you, because you will….But the more you care for others & I mean genuinely, not for your own satisfaction or to move ahead by manipulating…. you feel a weight begin to lift & your heart will feel lighter. I promise.


Take care you beautiful souls! If you’re listening.


Where do you find value & worth?

Today I was feeling the need for a walk by myself.. & it gave me a different perspective then I was hoping for.

I was walking up & down the side streets in a cute rural downtown, no longer then 4 blocks long… Has a feeling of home to it, with the kind boutiques that have housewives working them… Children laughing as they chase each other down the street, those driven by technology–attached to their phones walking to make the train…

Then I saw some one who caught my eye, this guy was different. He wasn’t dressed very nice, but he seemed to do okay for himself.. He had blue jeans on, a baggy t-shirt & a baseball cap. In his left hand he held a jewel bag. You’re thinking, what’s different about that… Right? Let me tell you.

I thought he was an average guy until I saw him walking down the street, going from garbage to garbage opening them up and practically diving in. He was collecting soda cans…I’m assuming to turn into cash once he was done.. I walked opposite of him & slowly watched him as he didn’t give up. He kept moving from can to can & never looked disappointed. Some he found more then others & some he found none at all..

As odd as this may sound, I was jealous of him. Not that I wished to go garbage picking, but that he had a goal… Some kind of mission. Now, maybe is was to collect a few dollars, maybe he was aiming for more.. His eyes were on the prize & regardless of what others thought of him, he kept going. He pushed through & did what he needed to. And it was beautiful, regardless of his outcome or motive… That drive is inspiring. We could all learn something from even what look like the silliest things.

I thank God for the lessons he teaches me & the struggles I have to grow through. All the little signs he gives me throughout the day keep me in awe of his dedication & grace. Open your eyes to the beauty around you. ❤

Don’t be afraid to stand out. That’s how the lost get found. <3

Have you ever thought you weren’t pretty enough? Smart enough? Careful enough? Maybe too clumsy? Not brave enough? Too friendly with others? Possibly you always speak your mind & get yourself “in trouble” with others… whatever it may be, you’re called to be who you are…regardless if you seem these things as flaws or set backs.

Every bit of who you are & what you do shapes your life….Today you’ll make choices that define your tomorrow. Are you taking action that is going to move you in the right direction? More importantly, are you moving on in a way that you would be proud of? Humans have faults, many of them. I don’t even want to list all the ones I find in myself…But I will no longer play it safe when it comes to my feelings. I’m proud of the person I’m becoming, I feel it in my heart. I’m on a path that continues to push & define me….my soul.

Let me talk about insecurities for a moment… Now, we all have them…I don’t care who you are. Some many have an easier time hiding them, but that doesn’t mean they go away. However, I’ve found that day by day….I love my insecurities even more. I’m not saying I don’t try to improve, because I do. But how on Earth do you plan to fully love in life, if you’re not in love with yourself first? I have so much love to give to others & this world, sometimes I think my heart is going to burst. I wake up each day a little more full of love for people, even those I don’t like….

Taking a step into the unknown is one of the most beautiful steps I have have ever made… I can’t see even a step ahead of me, however I feel more steady in my walk then I ever have. It’s all about letting go of the fear you think you have to hold onto…..I know I was made for more, and you are too….so don’t be afraid to move. Your faith is all it takes. Step out even when it’s storming & you’re broken. Step out even when you’re heart is telling you to give up & your hope is stolen. No one has to be afraid in this life. Because life, as you, is the most beautiful thing you can ever decide to be. 

We have nothing to lose….

Let go of your insecurities…


& let love…




What really, is there to complain about? Life is beautiful.

“So how do you fall in love with life? The same way you fal in love with another person — you adore everything about them! You fall in love with another person by seeing only love, hearing only love, speaking only love, and by feeling love with all your heart! And that is exactly how you use the ultimate power of love in love with life.” Image

I understand many of you find life difficult, I know I do at times. But as the days go by I’ve shifted my awareness, shifted my thoughts, starting looking at the world differently then I normally do…when I’m in an upset mood or where I’m feeling defeated in any aspect. 

I have always had a lot of love in my heart for those in this world, those hurting, those who are going for their dreams, those who are sick, those who hurt me, those who have talk me down, who cross my family & make me feel worthless. It’s a hard thing to do…but it’s possible, I promise.  

When you have nothing but love for all the negativity in your life….you begin to attract everything positive. You just have to let your heart feel the things it wants to and the world will fall into your hands. Don’t give in to your negative feelings of not being smart enough, not pretty enough, not successful enough…because your thoughts control most of your life… Sure other things affect it….but thoughts are incredibly powerful… Just think about it!

When you’re upset and thinking about all the bad things, you start to give into a bad mood and then that becomes you… & starts to attack your love. but if you think of the bad things and then let them go….the world responds to that & gives you only the positive. I swear this makes sense…just think about it.

You have over 50,000 thoughts that go through your head in an entire day, that’s INSANE! So if you shift your awareness and love those around you, love every little thing…keep your dreams, your vision & your love the majority of your thoughts. Let yourself imagine all of those things coming true for you….Whether it be you getting that dream job, or the bonus you’ve been working for, or that baby you and your significant other have been trying for for the past two years…. Think of it already happening and it will soon come to be.

I’ve had my mind on everything positive & have been pouring love out in the world, with every part of who I am. It’s easy…but that’s my mission in life. To love. That’s it. I know that’s what I’m mean’t to do. You may be going through something that has brought a lot of darkness into your world, well deal with it in a positive light. Acknowledge the problem, feel it, drop it & fix it. The longer you hold onto it, the more you let it ruin you & it will take forever to get past it. Just think about all the things if your life that you’re grateful for. & the second you feel your mind shift to the negative side of things….have something remind you you’re going off course….and pull yourself back in…. It works. I promise.

Thoughts are so powerful. Our imagination…everything that comes from our mind…will come to be on the outside, no matter our circumstances. You have the ability to make your life wonderful, beautiful…. & everything you want, can be yours….just believe.  ❤