Do you care about credibility? Would you even notice it? How many of you are awknowledged for what you do?

Here I am… sitting in my second home–Barnes & Noble. I love this place. There is a feeling I get when I walk in the door, I close my eyes- take a deep breath as I smell nothing but books & I get excited, very excited.

The business section has been calling my name lately–Linchpin by Seth Godin pulled me in. I opened it & started skimming…

I start to read this wonderful story about a man named Don Valencia. It was the story of his life, his dreams, his passions & how no matter what he did… He always pushed through in working and doing something he loved. Now I know the challenge & making our dreams come true is half the battle. More people find beauty in the attempt, rather then the final destination.

He worked with Starbucks for two decades perfecting a drink that initially they wouldn’t roll out with because they thought it might change the face of starbucks, it won’t have the same value, or great taste… Even though everyone that tried it, was amazed by how good it was.

Long story short, he lost an on-going battle with cancer.. Resigning from his position before it got the best of him, spending his last days with his family.. Shortly after, Starbucks came out with his drink… The Frappuccino. The drink I’m sipping on right now.

How amazing is it… That something within reach, in your hands even, might be someone’s dreams & ambitions…and you don’t even realize it? How many of you appreciate every moment or thing in your life? Were all guilty of taking things for granted… But let’s try not to! Everything in life comes from something, whether & idea or lifelong battle to make your vision the best. Something so simple as a drink that might make reading a book more enjoyable, or give you the added caffeine boost you need, or be a symbol of hard work and dedication..

Whatever it may be, pay attention. There is beauty & miracles.. All around you. All you need to do is believe. You may receive credit from man on your dream, the impact you want to make, the love you wish to share.. Or you might not. But as long as your heart & soul cry out with joy? That’s all you need. Accept who you are in knowing God is the only one who will give you everlasting credit, on Earth it eventually diminishes… No matter how big of an impact. Live for your dreams & desires in God. & stop at nothing.


Who cares? Truth is, we all do.

We’re all raised differently… Most times how our parents were raised, with a little twist of their own parenting techniques added in the mixture…

The way we are raised has a huge impact on our present, even future. Some parents care little about what their kids wear- some encourage self expression & let them dress themselves. Some parents dress their kids everyday & won’t allow them to have a say… Some run free throughout the day & some aren’t allowed around dirt. Now, I’m not saying these little things make us who were are…. However, it has a huge effect.

My mom & dad never dressed up, only for special occasions.. They always loved the clothing they felt most comfortable in… & that was t-shirts & jeans.

This rubbed off on me, because even though I dress up for weddings, special outings, dances, etc… I’ve never felt comfortable that way. Maybe in a sense its because its nothing I’ve ever known… Or nothing I’ve desired.

I’m starting to realize outer appearance does matter more then we think, it has a huge effect. Body language experts & psychologist have proven when you’re well groomed, more opportunities arise… You feel better about yourself & even start becoming more successful. It has a huge effect on your overall mood.

I’m very curious, so here’s a little experiment I’m starting….for a month long I plan on dressing completely different from how I do now. Not where no one will recognize me, but everyday I’ll wear something different & take a half an hour longer getting ready a day.

Might hurt my wallet a bit, but I’ll have a nice new wardrobe!! 🙂 hopefully I end up liking it… here goes. I’ll post updates & pictures of before and after.

Youre just where youre supposed to be. <3

Do you sometimes find yourself envying other people? There’s no reason. You are incomparable. Your path through life is unique. Your lifelong journey follows a matchless pattern. You’re just where you’re supposed to be.

Sure you find people with similar paths to yours, maybe you share the same faith, some job, same ethnicity… Or you have the same families, went to the same school.. So these might all be the same, but internally? Were all different.

Are you ever at a loss for words??

Inspiration hasn’t come to me very easy the past few days… Maybe even longer-but it has taught me some things… I have all these emotions I’d like to show & express, but no words want to form for me to be able to..

I find this is often the case with people who are at a crossroads, heavy with emotion… Why is it when you have so much to say your mind just can’t find the words fitting?

Is it because we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings? Or maybe our own? Maybe were just being stubborn… Why is the truth something people often run from? …. ‘The truth will set you free.’ Yet we fight it & do everything in our minds to run the other way. We find truth in our own terms..

We will never be heard if we dance around the truth in fear. We should always live as though today were our last day–at least with emotion. Let those around you know how much you value them, how much you care, love, respect, admire, etc etc.

Its time for us to start loving fearlessly– in all we do, there really is no other way. Be who you are & say what you feel… Even if your voice shakes.

Be gentle with music, it will always be there when you need it.


Whatever kind it may be, we all connect to it….

It reaches into your soul & tugs at your heart strings, sometimes so high you can feel it in your throat.

I’m always finding that through the motions of life, music will always be there for you. It never leaves you & naturally speaks to you when you most need it.

You can use it to map out the next steps you’d like to take in your life, maybe its leading you through a dark tunnel you can see out of, or mending your heart from the loss of a loved one.

Music speaks to us, whether we want it to or not. Sends listen whispers of wisdom into our ears… We have the choice to interpret it how our minds want.. How our hearts feel.

Hopefully you find truth, joy, love in music. Listen to the music that moves your soul… Brings you goosebumps, or a smile you can’t wipe off your face & a goofy dance you’d be embarrassed for someone to see–except your bedroom mirror..

I’m getting to my point, I promise.. 🙂

Today I had a feeling & I went with it… I was completely right. It led me to beauty, music. A group from Uganda, Africa was performing this morning & I was blessed to hear it..

The way a different culture celebrates music, how their language sounds when they’re expressing joy. Even the way their bodies moved as they performed.. Ahhhh its just so beautiful!

You can be anywhere in the world… No matter where it be.. & music pulls you back in to show you were all connected. That even if you’re feeling lost, confused, heartbroken, happy, whatever feeling! Someone around the world you’ve never met is sending their love through the radio & if you’re lucky…

You can be on the other end.. Taking a song & applying it to your life.. We’re all connected in love.. & music..

Just think about it!

Its a lovely thing to be apart of..

So what kind of song do you want to write? How will you send love to others? What do you want people to hear when they think of you?