Divorce me, divorce me not.

Imagine for a moment, your life… Everything & everyone that’s in it. Your family, your friends, your job, your passions, everything is all there…

& then it’s wiped away within an instant… You lose it…including your memory.

Opening your eyes to a world around you that which is so unfamiliar. You’re surrounded by family you don’t recognize, friends who’s touch you don’t know, loved ones voices you can’t connect to your heart….

Everything of yours that belonged to the world is still there, yet you don’t know how to feel it, how to love it.. How to know it.

How would you think of your life now? Would you treat your loved ones differently?
You wake up to a husband, a wife… & they’re just a face in the crowd…

You’re brought ‘home’ into something that you cant feel. You see pictures of your life,


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