Keep trying. Push Forward. Stay confident.

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” – Dale Carnegie

I’ve had a lot of different things happen in my life in a short span of time…. I’ve been looking for new cars, trying to find a new car to buy–first ever, looking for potential places to move out on my own… Even look for a new job. Doesn’t it seem as though when you want to fix everything, it’s all at once?

Well that might be the problem. Focus on improving little things…a day at a time. It’s easy to get grumpy at the office or at work, especially if everyone else is that way…. or if a boss redirects his anger out on you, for someone else’s fault. It might be difficult at first, but if we tweak our thoughts a little bit, a day at work, won’t feel that way. I often find myself daydreaming at work, not giving it my all… come on we’re all at fault for that. But if we give our 100% at work, or any other matter…people will notice your effort…maybe not right away…but you will be given credit. Don’t seek approval of others, be yourself & let what wants to come…follow. Because if you’re thinking that no one will notice you, they wont. You are, whether you like it or not….what you believe. So start thinking positive….Smile more…find reasons to laugh… Just think….will ALL of today matter five years from now?? ❤



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