Love your neighbor. <3

Easier said then done, right?
Now I’ve lived in my current house since I was 13yrs old & I’m now 24..
Growing up it was so easy to feel at home in our neighborhood..

Four families- with about 5 kids each, we were inseparable, every day as children. We would wake up and sometimes even skip breakfast to go out & explore until mom called us back home at dinner time with her bell. We always knew her signal, considering we weren’t like today’s generation–no cell phones. We didn’t care for video games, tv, sitting inside & ‘being bored’. We didn’t have time to ever get bored..

Back to my main point, growing up in a neighborhood that becomes your family, well its hard to have to say goodbye when its all you’ve ever know & loved. You grow & learn your way through life with them… Just admiring life as it comes your way, but its not like you’re all in it only for yourself. We always had each others back, always.

Now in my new neighborhood I never had a desire to connect, simply because everyone was really really old or really really young… So it was just me, my family & friends I’ve always had.. Yet time only made us grow apart, not much stayed the same.

There’s this guy in my ‘new’ neighborhood.. He lives at the end of the block & no matter what… Every single time I pass his home. Turning on our street or off, he waves with the biggest grin there was. He waves, he makes you feel welcome, loved. He doesn’t know much of me.. I’ve said hi in passing…

But sometimes that’s enough. Showing someone you acknowledge them… & making their day brighter with a smile. With a friendly wave, maybe a how are you… But genuinely mean it and truly open your ears and heart to what they say…

Always love. Always be kind. Embrace strangers, admire friends… Make a difference in anyway you know how. Start today.. Shift your thinking habits just a bit from ‘generation me’ & give to those around you.. 🙂


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