Do you let safety nets hold you?

Americans have this “safety net” mindset. We all do. We know what’s “safe” and what’s not. We know what’s acceptable and what’s not. We know what’s okay and what’s not. We know how far is too far and how much is too much. We have certain places we would “never go” and certain people we classify as “untouchable”. To be honest, some of this is okay. Some of this is understandable. But most of it is a false safety net. It’s a way of tricking our minds into living in this mundane and fearful life. We walk through life going through the motions. We live day to day not embracing the call or direction we should take in life..or who we should be with. We feel the pull of our instincts.. This world is too broken & this life is too short to hide. Go out into the world. Fix a broken family. Help a stranger with an addiction. Encourage. Tell someone you love them. How many of us are willing to stop hiding?


Does it have to be complicated?

I think it’s in our human nature to like to complicate things,

when in reality it’s really quite simple. Find what it is that makes you happy,

& who it is that makes you happy… & you’re set. I promise.

You’re going to tell me…okay, well it’s not that easy to just be “happy.”

It’s easier said then done, right? Wrong. 

Often there are little blessings, little whispers in your life… & you have the choice to listen to them or turn

your head from them. Don’t run from your heart. Always be true to yourself. You know what moves

you….what brings joy to your heart, what doesn’t. What you’ve always been good at, what brings a smile on your face….

Life is too short to play games, if your feelings for somebody are real & you want to be with them…go for them. Deal with the mess later..

“By changing nothing, nothing changes.” -Tony Robbins

I’m never ran at my dreams with full force, with my arms wide open, ready to jump as if I wanted to fly. I look at some people and wonder how they have the drive, the confidence, the ambition. I have it, I just have yet to touch that part of my soul, that pulls it out of me.

I’ve started thinking more into that….why? Every day is a gift & we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. So If I live today as I should & believe my dreams are within reach… Our dreams are possible, they can happen & they will….if we fully pursue them. Why do you need an excuse to be who you want to be? Why don’t we go for what we want? It’s our time…. It’s time to rise up and do the things we think we cannot do. Prove ourselves worthy..

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” -Wayne Gretzy

This quote is incredibly true….Think about what holds you back…..make note of it…then take that problem & never think of it again, it’s there to change you & make you a lesser version of yourself then you’re meant to be. Learn how to be encouraging to yourself. You receive the love you accept. So only accept the good kind….things will start happening for you, I promise.

We don’t let go, we can’t get close…

I’m trying something new this week, more of an experiment. 

I’m going to wake up every morning & rather then trying to find blessings for myself, I plan on looking to bless others. I want to get in a habit of doing something good for someone, everyday. Life isn’t mean’t to live selfishly. I need to get out of this “population me” & learn that so many other souls need my attention, I have something to offer them.. anyone really. When you realize life is SO much bigger then just you….doors start opening & you allow yourself to grow… & just be accepting in love.

Who can I encourage? Who can I be a blessing to? Words can be a huge to someone if you can’t give them anything but that.. Look to help others with nothing in return. To bring joy to someone’s life is such a a beautiful thing. Pay attention & just bring out the best in them…when you have faith & belief in someone & make that known….It could change their life. Learn to be sensitive to others, even if it’s hard. When you open your heart to others, blessings come pouring into your life. But don’t be expectant of them, just live life in a beautiful way…  🙂

I need to overlook little matters & chose to live a life of love. 

& it all begins today.

Little Voices…Can you hear my whisper?

Today is a beautiful day.

Not because of anything out of the ordinary, but because I woke up… Another day, another chance.

Here I am starting off the day, like any other…

Heading downtown to Union Station, downtown Chicago.. to explore, to make a difference to make another day worth it. 🙂

Now if you’ve ever been to a train station, you know how they normally work… Regardless of the time of day, there is always something going on…always people walking around, checking ticket times, checking their bags, catching up on sleep in between trips, making a quick list of things to do before heading out on another venture. So instead of rushing through the station to get to the city, I sit & I watch…

There is a small group of cops talking with each other, a child lying down on the bench next to me as his mother talks on the phone with her loved one, numerous people walking by, so suddenly…then I see a guard walking around, making sure everything runs smoothly..

He starts to check tickets of those waiting to aboard the next outgoing trains…He comes up to me, as he assumes I’m next…. & I ask him, “How do you do this everyday?” His response… “You’ll eventually get used to it, it’s always the same.”

This got me thinking…

Trying to capture his words as he walks on by to the next person… I wonder.. 

Why does it have to be the same? We aren’t mean’t to live our lives in brokenness. We’re meant to push forward. Every single person has a story, worth sharing, just as important as the next. Are our lives different from this guards? Do we just get used to our “daily routine” & find comfort in that? Or are we willing to push past that?

It breaks my heart for those who ache, who find no hope, no joy in life…just comfort in being content. The security guard only assists in all these strangers traveling…sending them to different places of the world, that might not be so nice with them…

Those who have a loving family, a bed, a home, a job….my heart aches for you as well. If you feel lonely, think for a moment… you have everything you need.

You deserve to have a life that makes you feel alive, in every second. Choose to be what you are, what your heart wants, what you’ve always been good at, what drives you. Don’t let routine, comfort & those telling you you cant, keep you from the life you know you deserve… & the few who adore you, that tell you it’s possible…listen to them.


Music & Lyrics.

You know, I’ve got this theory…

there are two kinds of people in the world.

We are either lyrics or music. Those who are lyrics are all about the meaning of things & tend to be analytical. The ones who after dive into the Cd insert within minutes of buying it to interpret every word, every emotion. They want to know what the composer felt & went through when they composed it. They have to know every little bit of what it means, to truly experience it, heal, grow, anything…

Then their are the music people.. who could care less about the lyrics as long as there is a good beat and they can dance a mean rhythm to the beat…. they find no deeper meaning or look for answers. They tend to just let be, what will be & go with the flow without thinking. Sometimes I think it would be easier being a music person, but I’m not & I never will be. Sometimes things find you when you need them to & for me it’s usually song lyrics that save me.