Life is a daring adventure…

So often there are times in our lives where we wonder….is it worth it? Am I making the best decision in this moment? Will I make the most of this moment? We are in a moment, but constantly living in the next. It’s hard to take in both. Because you’ll never get any of them back. So you need to love with every emotion you have. Never take anyone for granted. You make the moments you want…So what exactly is it you want? Try something.. Tell others why you appreciate them, or that you love them, tell them how. What are you afraid of? Be the bigger person. Be able to feel your emotions. Laugh. Cry. Argue. Forgive someone. Feel vulnerable. Be honest. We all have those nights where our minds control our hearts…Just be who you are… &someone will come into your life and accept you fully for who you are. They’ll let you know you’re worth the dare, worth the adventure.


Game Changer…

You come across many people in your life….

they all have something different to offer you. 

You spend time with them to fill the void of loneliness not feeling good enough, pretty enough, smart


Until one day, someone comes into your life….& things change.

They make you want to be a better person, a different person.

They push you to your limits & fight for you..

You have feelings you cant control & you don’t know what to do about them…

Are they worth sharing? Worth getting hurt over? Worth making the best decision of your life??

Who in your life is worth fighting for???

Will you fight for them? Or let the roar of the world drown out your true feelings??

I can’t wait till I meet the person who will fight to be in my life…

in my heart…

in my soul…..




Moment in time…

A few days ago I was strolling along Michigan Ave in Chicago,

admiring the city I call home..

Suddenly this women comes up to me, asking for help.

She was lost & needed direction to get to a certain place.

I could have kept walking, pretending I didn’t hear her.. or tell

her I didn’t have time..

But I chose to stop.

We sit down & start to figure out where she needs to go,

what would be the best route for her to take…

I sat there helping her & in my mind couldn’t help but laugh..

How many times in a day do we ask myself where were going in


Do you ask yourself this? Do we reach out to others when we

can’t go at it alone?

There are moments in our lives when we find ourselves at a

crossroads; afraid, confused, without a

road map.

The choices we make in those moments will define us for the

rest of our days. Of course, when faced with

the unknown, most of us prefer to turn around and go back.

But once in a while people push onto

something better. We should never be afraid to take chances…

Take them everyday,

even if you’re scared.

We’re all in this together.

Rolling blackout…

Power goes out.

The guy to the left of me groans, the women in front of me puts her head down…

& then one women says, “This is God telling us to wake up, that we need to get our heads on straight…”

& I just sit here laughing, thinking… Is she right? Was it a little message from up above? How would we

know? We wouldn’t…our first thought would be technology gave out on us…We have grown so dependent

of technology it’s almost scary. We live in a world that is always connected, but are we really connected?

If we were as in tune with our feelings and emotions….could life be more beautiful?? We would appreciate

our moments more.. We would disconnect from the things we believe bring us joy. Have you told someone

dear to you, how much you appreciate them? Don’t hold your thoughts too long for yourself, because they

become useless. Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes…


I ain’t missin you at all…




Three simple words that brighten your day,

maybe even your world.

What makes you miss someone?

Is it their smile? How they treat you? Could be how you connect. Their attitude about life? Maybe the way

they make you feel..

It could be all of these things. But how do we show these emotions? Do we tell others? Or do we just feel

these emotions and keep quiet about them? 

Never hold your emotions & feelings inside. Risk getting hurt. Because you never want to think..what if.

Always be true to yourself, to your heart.

Always be true….




Thank you from a Soldier..

My morning started off like any other… my daily routine….nice cup of coffee…

Then I was off to grab some gas at the local station before I started the rest of my day…As I was coming out of the gas station, I held the door for someone walking in. Without seeing who they were, I looked up–It was a solider in uniform.

As I held the door open, He locked eyes with me & said “Thank you.” with a genuine smile. THANK YOU! This soldier who is defending me & my life, a person who he knows nothing about… said thank you for me holding a door open for him. I was literally speechless for a moment then said, “No…Thank you.” So often in life, we find ourselves rushing to the next task on our to-do list, the next person to go visit, the next class to take… & we get so busy in what’s next, then what’s in front of us. 

I was so humbled by him. He touched my heart in a way that doesn’t even make sense to me. I wanted to give him the biggest hug & just cry for him. Tears of joy. Tears of happiness. I felt as though I knew him. & in reality I did… he’s just another soul in this world trying to make a difference. Trying to touch someones heart, make someone proud, be a hero… Doing the best he can. We should thank others more often. For anything… It makes a difference. Make others feel important.. Try it..


Remember today, for it is the beginning of always.






Your eyes open. Your chest raises filling with air. You look around..

Can today be different, what will it mean? Is it possible to change?

Another day left behind, another day begins.

We begin to 

To let go.

To hold on.

To leave it behind.

To start again.

To be new. 

Is it possible?

If you’re reading this….you have lungs in your air…blood running through your veins..

Today is a gift. A gift you can choose to use or let go to waste.

Do you ever feel true? Do you find that one day you can feel that way?

Are there things we fight to live for, things we put first above anything else?

Is your life more then just your own? Try to look beyond population “You”…

What moves you, do you move with it? Or do you move against it?

What will you fight for? Maybe fight for…

Your happiness? 

Your health?

Your love?

Your passion?

Your story?

Whats worth fighting for?

Change will take more then a moment, if it’s worth it….

So remember today,

for it is the beginining of always…